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We look for opportunities to back strong management teams and shareholder groups in successful businesses. These businesses may require outside equity capital for a variety of reasons. At CHB we focus on two -- ownership transition and growth. Ownership transition situations include providing capital to the business to buy in share holders, supporting a management team in buying out existing owners and recapitalizing the company to allow some owners to exit and new management owners to come in. Growth situations include providing capital for acquisitions, funding new product development or new market entry, supporting increased capital expenditures and providing additional working capital.

Although most of our transactions would fit into one of these two categories (and in many cases include aspects of both), we occasionally partner with companies whose needs extend beyond the boundaries of our traditional investment focus. Every investment CHB makes is tailored to fit the specific needs of the business, its owners and its management team.

David Jacobs, President and CEO
Spyder Active Sports, Inc.
Boulder, CO
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