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CHB works alongside owners and managers of closely held and family owned businesses as an active partner with considerable financial and management expertise. This participation can take many forms. In one situation, we worked with key managers to develop an approach for entering a new market. In another situation, we worked with plant level production staff to re-engineer production processes to free up additional capacity. In yet another situation, we worked with a small team of senior managers to develop and implement an acquisition strategy. And in most situations, we work to bring more attractive bank financing to the table to support the company's growth objectives.

Like our management partners, we have seen and done a lot. Look at our experience. It differs from a lot of private equity firms for a reason. At CHB we are fully prepared to get our hands dirty. We expect to do whatever it takes to support our partners in achieving their objectives. However, we do not plan to participate in day-to-day operations. Instead, our partners view us as an extra resource to help make key strategic, operating and financial decisions. We work hard to make sure we don't let them down.

At the end of the day, our success comes from our partners' success. By bringing to our investments years of strategic, operating and financial expertise, in addition to capital, we hope to help make one plus one equal at least three.

Dick Kallage, President and CEO
Champion Technologies, Inc.
Franklin Park, IL
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